Understanding the Emotions and Constipation connection

Understanding the Emotions and Constipation connection

Constipation is just not about imbalanced diet, it is also about imbalanced emotions

Going by the medical dictionary, Constipation is a chronic condition in which bowel movements occur less than the usual. It may consist of hard and dry stool that is difficult to pass. Well, this bowel movement varies from person to person, in adults, if the bowel movement hasn’t happened for three days, it is considered constipated, whereas, in children, no bowel movement in four days is considered constipated. In general, constipation occurs because in the functioning of the colon, when the muscles push down the stool towards rectum, colon absorbs too much of water leaving the stool hard and dry.

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Well, there are certain common reasons because of which constipation occurs. Correcting or paying a little attention to the below listed cause may give you a little relief.

  • No/less intake of fiber
  • No/less intake of liquid
  • No exercise
  • No Medication
  • Change in life or routine (e.g. pregnancy, old age, travelling, etc.)
  • Specific disease/ problem related to colon or rectum

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These above mentioned reasons are not too difficult to handle as a little attention over these can help the stomach feel great. But, what about those who are not affected by aforementioned reasons, still have constipation? Well, that is the actual challenge. Every constipated human must/should find out the reason on their own before they go to the doctor. May be after paying a little attention over your diet and on your mood, you may not need the doctor. Surprised? Thinking why you need to pay attention to your mood?

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Well, this is because your gut and your brain are intrinsically linked. If your mental state is troubled by anxiety or depression then this will directly affect your digestive system. Now, what you need to find out is the reason that is spoiling your mood. Possibly, some work related issues are concerning your mind or maybe problems related to your gut is stressing you. The exact reason of your spoiled mood could be anything that ultimately makes your digestive system suffer. So, now you need to think that how can you correct your mood to treat constipation.

But, firstly, you need to know that if you are one of those people who suffer headache after a stressful day, feel anxious before an interview or feel depressed after failing, then you must start working on your mood. As lately a research has shown the fact that the mood disorder and emotional distress change the pathway that helps to control digestive functions which means psychological factors directly influences your gut. So, if you suffer from anxiety or depression you are more likely to suffer from a digestive disorder, like constipation.

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Going more in detail, the negative emotions that get created because of anxiety or depression, boosts your stress hormones, which then react in two ways:

  • First, the stress hormones can block certain parts of your immune system which can result into increasing inflammation within the body and weakening the overall health.
  • Second, the stress hormones can slow down your digestive juices. As a result, the food may sit in your gut for a longer time.

In any of the cases mentioned above, the food that we eat doesn’t move anywhere and then cause constipation. Hence, it is mandatory for all of you to improve your mood by simply following the tips given below.

  • Eat healthy– You must intake a good amount of fiber and avoid processed, poisoned or packaged food. Plus, more of liquid intake will fulfil the need of water in the body.
  • Move your body– Exercise is the best way to kill stress. So, early morning walk or brisk walk with some fresh air allows you to stay fit and constipation free. [Detail]
  • Massage– This can stimulate the blood flow in the muscles and organs that can encourage bowel movements and relieve constipation.
  • Meditate– For bigger worries, mediation is the best dose. All you need to do is to give yourself a regular dose of meditation to feel relieved. [Detail]

Including all the aforementioned points in your daily life is no big deal, instead, it will be a great help to those who are suffering from constipation. These points are also beneficial for those who have genuine problems related to colon or rectum. However, they also need to know that constipation can cause stress. Yes, constipation causing stress is also a case. Particularly, in case of females, it has been found that they are more likely to suffer anxiety and depression if they are suffering from chronic constipation.

This is because constipation is a stressor for them both physically and mentally. Wondering how? Well, physically females face bloating, cramps, pain, straining, etc. because they fail to have a bowel movement which gives them stress. And emotionally, the increased stress and tension makes the females to hold on the bowel movement for long. The reason could be that they are afraid of the pain that they might go through at the time of their bowel movement. The research also points out that the females with poor- psychological well-being have lower rectal blood flow, i.e. the blood flow in rectal and anus area affects the control and release of their bowel movement.

Therefore, for all you people suffering from constipation really need to check each and every thought of yours. As I had already explained the connection between thoughts, emotions and health, it will be a great idea for you all to talk to yourself. Sit with yourself and discuss all your issues with your own self. This exercise can help you all reducing the stress and can keep you calm. Once you will start listening to your mind and body, you will start living a great happy life.

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