Top 7 Effortless Ways For a Healthy Lifestyle

Top 7 Effortless ways for a healthy lifestyle

Correct your habits to live a healthy lifestyle

Health is a beautiful gift given to us by nature. Over the period of time, we humans have abused the gift to the extent that it has now turned into a bag full of diseases. Realizing this, a huge million dollar industry has been set up to help people restoring all that has been lost. The pharmacy, ayurveda, gyms and so on are now the biggest attraction to bring back the health, but nothing like that is actually happening. Government and its people are investing millions into getting a healthy lifestyle, but all the efforts and money seems to go waste. As per World Health Report 2015, the number of people with an unfit body has increased. Thus, the organization has drafted a plan that can help in bringing back the health. But ask yourself, Is it possible to bring back ‘health’ by following any plan?

Well, I think ‘No’. No planning can ever be successful without full information of the goal. The whole world is dreaming to achieve a healthy and fit lifestyle without even knowing what exactly health and fitness are? In this world of shortcuts, the exact meaning gets ignored completely and the result of this ignorance is visible. In fact, the definition of health varies from person to person and region to region. Therefore, understanding the true meaning of the two is a must, but before I tell what it is. Ask yourself! I am sure your answer would be around- a perfect shape or accurate body mass or flawless skin or faultless organs. Honestly, these are just a few steps towards a fit and healthy lifestyle, but individually these signs do not guarantee any fitness or health. So, let’s take a look at the actual meaning of health.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), health is a “State of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” After a regular alteration in the definition of health in 1986, WHO finalized it this way. It was done after realizing that health is not merely the physical aspect of a human life. However, this point was highlighted in Vedas, almost 2300 years ago. The Vedas define health as:-


The translation of the shloka word by word,

Sama = physiologically normal
Dosha = three matters within us those are responsible for generating the disease when they get antagonism.
Agni = the metabolism and digestion of ingested
Cha = and
Dhatu = seven elements within the body like tissues, blood, etc.
Malah kriya = to excrete the waste and harmful products from the body like urine, sweat etc.
Prasann = blissful
Atma = soul
Indrya = sensory organs and bodily systems, including limbs
Manah = the psyche or mind stuff
Swasthya = in good physical shape

Both the descriptions of health have one thing in common to point out which is the health is not about the physical appearance. Your healthy lifestyle is about your organs, body mass, thoughts, emotions and the food you eat. Taking care of one will not make you healthy as all the aspects are interlinked. So to be healthy, equal attention is needed on all the aspects of Health. I am sure this will be sounding like a burden. In fact, it would be appearing like a whole day long activity which will not leave any time for work.

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Don’t worry! Here is the list of the top easiest and effortless ways to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Let’s get started.

  •  Sleep early and Wake up early

If staying awake in the wee hours is your habit then you are far away from a healthy lifestyle. Staying up for the long hours put a lot of pressure on your eyes, brain and emotions. As we all know thinking is a never ending process and staying up in those hours when the rest are asleep will make you notice each thought produced by your brain. This will increase your worries. In fact, a study was done last year points out that the people who sleep late are more likely to be overwhelmed with negative thoughts. Also, such people fail to gel up with others and get irritated soon. Moreover, these people lose power to concentrate and develop dark circles around their eyes. The faces of such people reflect their lifestyle which is obviously unhealthy. Therefore, going early to the bed is simply a great idea.

Plus, leave the bed early in the morning. This will not just improve your stamina, but also add a glow to your skin. According to Vedas, people who wake up in Braahmi-muhurta (early morning) is apt for receiving knowledge. Moreover, the flexibility, functioning of sense organs and memory power instantly improves. Also, developing a habit of waking up at the same time early morning helps maintain the balance and secretion of hormones and enzymes in the body. In short, early to bed and early to rise is a key to success.

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  • Never miss the early morning sun

An early morning sun rays are miraculous. The sun gives Vitamin D for free to our body and the best time to receive this is the time when the sun rises. Early morning the sun rays are not harsh, hence taking the rays at that time helps the skin fighting allergies, accelerate growth in kids, reduce signs of aging, improves the vision, manage blood pressure, balance the mood, prevents cancer and so on. There is a never-ending list of benefits an early morning sun gives for free. Hence, missing out this deal can make you regret throughout your life.

  • Every effort is incomplete without water

Water and air, the two essential fluids on which all life depends, have become global garbage cans – Jacques Yves Cousteau

This thought is very common still many of us fails to understand. Most of us hardly drink 3-4 glass of water in a day, which is not enough for our body. Hence drinking an adequate amount of water is a must for a healthy lifestyle. The signs such as dry lips, dry throat, little urination or irritation while urinating shows that the body needs more of water. Never forget that less of water in the body can result in weight gain, increase intoxication, dryness and so on. It is the presence of water because of which the food gets digested properly, the vitamins and minerals flow easily with blood, the body receives more of oxygen and the water manages the toxins and acids in our body. Thus, even a little bit of carelessness with the quality and quantity of water can result in a weak and a dull body.

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  • Always give priority to health over taste

‘When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use. When diet is correct, medicine is of no use’ – Ancient Ayurvedic Proverb

Food is our necessity and we all know its importance. Still, we give priority to taste and eat unhealthy food such as burger, french fries, waffers and so on. This  craving for fast food or the unhealthy food takes us away from a healthy lifestyle as our body gets prone to diseases, infections, fatigue, and poor performance. Therefore, keeping an eye over what we eat is extremely important. Understand it is only our tongue that needs the taste, but that taste is adding nothing to our health. But this doesn’t mean we eat a tasteless food. Of course, we can add taste to all the healthy food so that our body and the tongue can get what it needs. This way our body will never fall short of any minerals, vitamins, protein, fiber etc. 

  • Fully fill the lungs with that odorless/colorless gas to stay fit

Oxygen is one of the most important elements required to sustain a healthy lifestyle. Well, this point might be sounding absurd to many as we all breathe and there is newness in this. True, but are we breathing properly? Well, many of us intake 1/3 of the required oxygen, as a result, the body loses its immunity, which is an invitation to all kinds of infection, allergies, and diseases.A headache is quite a common problem today which is considered as a result of stress. But mostly it is a result of lack of oxygen in the body. Therefore, it is very important to take a full breath where the lungs get completely filled. This will help the body fighting all kinds of pain, irritations and other bacterias and virus. 

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  •  Walk and Run barefoot for a healthy lifestyle

As per the Vedas, walking barefoot on the grass early morning improves the eyesight, helps to release stress and improve the body posture. Also, this activity will make the person feel connected to the nature that develops a positive attitude in them. Adopting this as a habit will also reduce the stress on knees and feet. Plus, improves blood circulation in the body. All this together will allow you to live a healthy lifestyle. 

  • Big ‘NO’ to caffeine, alcohol, and cigarettes

Intake of any of these is an invite to all kinds of diseases such as lung cancer, kidney cancer, esophageal cancer (of our gullet), heart attack, and more. With the physical pain, there is an emotional sickness too, as consumption of this will lead to more stress, anxiety, anger and so on. If you find yourself addicted to any one of these then you have to help yourself immediately. Quitting them instantly is not a possibility, therefore, seek help from doctors, family and friends. But don not think of ignoring this addiction. The more you consume these goods the sooner you will die and this death can never be peaceful instead it is full of physical and emotional pain. Therefore, quitting is the only option for happy survival.  

Well, all the aforementioned points are interlinked. Following, one and ignoring rest will not lead to a healthy lifestyle. Also, dependency on medicines keeps the person away from a fit body. Therefore, it’s a good idea to practice yoga or meditation. This will make both the body and the emotions healthy. 

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Shubhi Saini

Shubhi Saini is a thinker and a writer. She lives with the belief that illness first come emotionally and then attack the body. So, to make people emotionally healthy and physically stronger, she is all set to share her thoughts with you all.

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