Top 5 Guided Meditations for Achieving Inner Peace

Top 5 Guided Meditations for Achieving Inner Peace

Top 5 Guided Meditations that will calm and enlighten you.

You must have heard this phrase and told your friends many a times as well: Time Flies. But have you ever thought of the fact that how false is that statement? Time is no bird which can fly. Time just goes on at its own speed. Time flies because we let it fly. We have become too engrossed in our own selfish and materialistic lives that we don’t have time for even ‘time’.

Everywhere everyone is running behind material satisfaction which has become the demand of the present era. Competition in every field has become so intense that if someone stops for a while, they are just out of the unending ‘rat race’. The real truth is we, human beings, have become rats and our cheese is money and materialistic things which our cheese provides us.

Money and material wealth cannot provide happiness. It can provide you existence, a name in the society and above all a lot of stress too. Due to all this madness, we acquire stress which is nothing but a poison that signals are slow death. Death is something we cannot avoid but what we can do is live. We should not just exist but live our life fully so that when we depart from this planet with a meaningful death.

Now the question is do you want cheese or do you want peace? Chill. You should have both but there needs to be balance. You need to take stress out of your life. You need to dump it. You need to clear your mind every day just like you clear the history from your web browsers. Stress happens because of over-thinking of what might happen next. What has to happen will happen. You ain’t no Batman to stop that. Life is not a movie, unfortunately.

Stress is the main reason behind countless number of diseases like Obesity, depression, anxiety, heart problems and what not. Think of stress as a devil. Do you want to be devil? No, right? So, you need to meditate daily. Meditation will give you peace and will show you the direction of how to deal with the cheese. Meditation will make you calm, you won’t get anxious. You will start to embrace life more and live it instead of just being a corporatized machine. It will take the devil away from you. Check this list out of many of meditation’s advantages.

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You may feel meditation is tough. It is tough to focus. Well, if you think it is tough, it will be tough. You need to change your mind-set. Meditation is not easy but it is not impossible to do either. There are various ways to do meditation. You need not become a monk to achieve inner peace. You need not go to the Himalayas to find your Guru who can teach you the art of life and meditation. You can sit or lie down comfortably at your ease anywhere around your home or workplace (if boss doesn’t allow, don’t give a damn) or anywhere you want, and meditate using Youtube. Here’s the list of Top 5 Guided Meditations you should do every day in your life to achieve inner peace:

1.Guided Meditation by Kelly Howell (Duration: 30:52)

2. Guided Meditation by Michael Sealey (Duration: 42:15)

3. Ease your worry, anxiety through this Guided Meditation by Enjoy Positive (Duration: 9:53)

4. Guided Meditation by Jason Stephenson (Duration: 38:01)

5. Guided Meditation by Kalawna Biggs (Duration 40:28)

Make sure you use your earphones or preferably headphones while listening to the Guided Meditations as it will be more effective than the stereo speakers. Wishing you all the peace in life.


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