The Ultimate Guide To Forensic Psychology: Education, Career, Salary

Guide To Forensic Psychology

Guide To Forensic Psychology

The word Forensic refers as “the scientific method of investigation of crime”. Forensic psychology defines as a combination of law with psychology.

Forensic Psychology helps in providing psychological knowledge to constitutional matters. By getting forensic help legal authority can decide in punishing and preventing crimes.

Forensic Psychology becomes an important aspect of solving a crime scene. Forensic psychology is the professional practice of psychologists within the field of counseling, schooling, clinical & providing knowledge of legal matters.

The most important skills for a forensic psychologist must have a strong background on clinical skills. Means, Skills like clinical assessment, report writing, interviewing, strong verbal communication skills (P.S. important if an expert witness in court).

If you are handling these cases with ease than you can easily perform in various situations such as child custody Judgement, death notification process, counselling service to victims of crime & more situations related to the justice system.

A Forensic psychologist has to train himself with the field of clinical, social, organizational structure of psychology. Psychologists working in forensic stream have to study a variety of education, training & work experience. 


For those who are looking forward to make their career in forensic psychology they should focus on psychology, crime science, and forensics. 

A Bachelor degree is often not enough to pursue a forensic career. Master Degree and PhD degree in forensic psychology are usually necessary.

Medical science students have a higher edge in becoming a forensic psychologist as an important part of the subject is related to medical science and investigation. 

However, forensic science course is also open for students of BA and BSc who can do post graduation in forensic sciences. Those who are MBBS can practice in forensic science and become qualified for doing post-mortem on dead bodies.

Law students can do various diploma or certificate courses allow in forensic science and can work in the analysis and investigation Wing, or crime bureau of state police or CBI or Intelligence Bureau.

PG Diploma Course Certification (Professional) *
Graduation in any discipline from recognized School, College, Institute or University

Certification (Universal) *
Post-Graduation / Doctorate in any discipline from recognized School, College, Institute or University.


But In present time, there are different private high school, which offer different types of courses for students. 

Advanced Diploma Course Certification, Certification (Basic), Certification (Expert / Gold).
10th (SSC) or 10+2 (HSC) or Diploma passed in any discipline from recognized Board/ School/ College.

Short Term Course Certification, Certificate Course Certification.
Basic knowledge about related field.

Students with a background in science subject can pursue a career in forensic psychology. The very first step is to do graduation in Forensic Science. (I.e. B.Sc. in forensic Science) after 10+2. 

For Admission into a masters course in forensic science you need to be a graduate by preference with a first Class in Physics, biochemistry, microbiology, chemistry, zoology, botany, B.pharm or applied science.

Along with education, students have to prepare himself in specialized advanced training in forensic psychology which they are going to face in their semesters:

⦁ Legal Knowledge

⦁ United law-forensic psychology

⦁ Morality and professional Issues in psychology

⦁ Clinical forensic psychology

A Specialist course in forensic Science in India costs around between Rs 2 Lakh to 3 Lakhs which also includes laboratory fees. The Fee Structure depends on the university rating or their structure. An applicant from reserved categories such as SC and ST as well physically disabled are given a heavy concession on fees.

Professional Opportunities in Forensic Psychology (Career)

Your career depends on your academic sheet & most importantly your training period. There are numerous possibilities in forensic psychology. There are different types of Job Opportunity in Forensic psychology.

Judicial Pathologists: Forensic pathologists resolve the time and cause of death in cases of doubtful murder or suicide.

Forensic Anthropologists: Those who have a PhD in Anthropology with forensic science can work as forensic anthropologists who help in testimony of individuals murdered or killed in disasters. I.e. plane crashes, explosions, fires, etc. and give data to  the age, sex, ancestry, stature and unique features of the deceased persons.

Forensic Psychologists: Professionals with a degree in psychology can work as forensic psychologists wherein they assist a court or other fact finder in arriving at a just or correct conclusion. 

Toxicologist: Professionals with a qualification in chemistry or biochemistry work in to help police in the discovery and identification of pharmaceutical drugs and poisons, toxin levels, etc. in the body.

Clinical Forensic Medication Specialist: Such professionals acquire medical degree and PG degree or certificate and work as the analyst of victims of crime and suspects who may have sustained injuries while allegedly committing a crime and reach to clear-cut conclusions suitable to the crime and timing.

Dactyloscopists: The most commonly known work of Dactyloscopists is to study fingerprints received from the scene of the crime and link them with suspects.

Forensic interpreter: These professionals analyze the content of written or oral communication and identify criminals, particularly in cases of kidnapping where they help in zeroing in on the criminal.

Forensic Serology Specialist: These professionals work as an analyst and analyze blood groups, blood, and other bodily liquid and do DNA fingerprinting to arrive at a conclusion.

Forensic Chemists: Those who have a science degree and specialization in applied or forensic chemistry can work as forensic chemists wherein they help in the detection and identification of illicit drugs, accelerants used in arson cases, explosive and gunshot residues, trace evidence, including paint, glass, polymers and fibers, etc.

A professional in this field can work as:

⦁ Expert Witness

⦁ Law enforcement Advisor

⦁ Independent Expert

⦁ Victim defender

⦁ Forensic legal representative

⦁ Forensic expert

⦁ Forensic Psychologist

⦁ Forensic Civil justice staff

⦁ Forensic Executive

Top Study Centre in India

⦁ Institute of Criminology & Forensic Science, New Delhi

⦁ Lok Nayak Jayaprakash Narayan National Institute of Criminology and Forensic Science, Delhi

⦁ University of Lucknow

⦁ University of Delhi (Regular)

⦁ Anna University, Chennai,

⦁ Dr.Harisingh Gour Vishwa Vidyalaya, Sagar, Madhya Pradesh

⦁ Central Forensic Laboratory, Kolkata

⦁ Central Forensic Science Laboratory, Hyderabad

⦁ Central Forensic Science Laboratory, Chandigarh.


In the United States, in 2015, clinical, counseling and Forensic psychologists make money an average salary of $90,040 per year though industrial psychologists earned $110,260. Psychologists who have specialized and those engaged in the private sector earn significantly more.

In the United Kingdom, the Salary for Forensic psychologists scope from £35,313 to £45,326 per year. Senior Forensic psychologists can expect to earn between £45,112 and £55,335.

In India, a Forensic psychologist earns between Rs 65,000 to Rs. 1,500,000 depending on specialty, location and popularity. In an independent or Private hospital, a fresh clinical psychologist with an Ph.M. Degree can earn about Rs. 35,000 a month. However, much depends on your knowledge.

Final Words

This Guide to Forensic Psychology going to help you in your academic Studies. Feel free to ask & share your thoughts too if you have any suggestions & information about Forensic Psychology.


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