Sparha On Conversation with RJ Sriram Sullia on Fever 104 FM Bengaluru

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Have you been to Sparha? You will absolutely love it, something that is essential and required by every single person of Bengaluru city.

Sparha is a holistic multi- dispensary wellness clinic, they offer complete and effective means of addressing the overall health and beauty needs of clients. The philosophy is simple, is to understand the individual needs of each person and to provide high quality proven therapist, tailored to their specific requirements.

Fever 104 FM Bengaluru, The Baap of Bollywood on their “The Superhero Show”, caught up with the beautiful Aarti Singh from Sparha Wellness Studio.

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Excerpts from the show:

Now Aarti would you like to throw in more light about Sparha Wellness Studio?

Sparha is one of the unique place, it’s a complete wellness studio which offers complete wellness solution for any individual.

How Sparha is unique? Because, I feel that if you look at rest of the places or other clinic, either they are into aesthetic skin care or they are into hair solution or into fitness but this is the only place which offers complete solution under one roof.

So, if anybody walks inside we are able to address each and every issue of their personality, like if they have the issue with their hair or they have the issue with their skin or getting troubled with their weight. So, it’s the place I think which can be the ultimate solution for all the problems.

People are working day in and day, they are sitting in front of their computers all the time, if not the computers their face is stuck to their cell phones, tell me what are some of the services that you offer at Sparha?

See, Sparha has got complete skin aesthetic solution, we have the best lasers with us whether you talk about anti- ageing or fairness solution or laser hair removal.

Apart from that we have complete slimming treatment surgical and non- surgical both the procedures for the fitness.

We also have complete baldness solution at Sparha whether you talk about the hair transplant or hair replacement, there will be hair regeneration clinical treatment like PRP or stem cell. So, it offers the complete range of hair treatments.

You were talking about the new services at Sparha?

Like, I said earlier for body contouring and face lift we have launched non- surgical procedure which is HIFU and Al- Therapy. The person doesn’t have to go for any injectable process or any kind of surgical procedure.

But you definitely get the privilege of 6- 7 years’ younger skin. Specially, females who undergo a lot many changes during pregnancy and after delivery.

For further information, you can check the services of Sparha at

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