Relish Holi without worrying about your skin and hair

Relish Holi without worrying about your skin and hair
This Holi let the child inside you go crazy with red, yellow, green and blue with no worries.

The month of March is the most exciting time for Indians as well as for all those people from abroad visiting the nation. Yes, because March is the month that brings the festival of joy, colors, craziness and happiness together on this one big day called ‘Holi’. A two day festival that is a reminder of the symbolic victory of good over the evil that gets celebrated by playing with colors. As the festival come closer the family and friends mentally prepare themselves to be soaked to the skin with colors. But being mentally prepared for this is just not enough because the colors one will be drenched in is no more skin friendly. The chemicals in them will suck all the moisture of your skin and hair leaving them dry and dead.

Gone those days when people used flowers and herbs to make colors. Now with all the organic range, we have ‘pakka rang’ that is all chemicals and damn harsh. “Colors nowadays are made up of ingredients like engine oil, diesel, acids, mica, glass powder and alkalis which damage the skin very badly. This can result in serious skin conditions like eczema, redness, blisters, extreme redness and the flaking of skin,” explains Dr. Nivedita Dadu, a dermatologist at the Skinology Skin and Hair Clinic. What should we do then? Should we stop playing Holi? No, play Holi with whatever color that is available fearlessly and for that all you need to do is to simply follow these hassle free advises given by the doctor.

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These given tips will not only help you get rid of stubborn Holi colors, but will also act like a protective shield that will keep away the damage.

Before you step out to play Holi

  • Apply lots of oil all over your body. You can go for olive oil, castor oil, coconut oil or mustard oil as they will stop the colors from seeping into your skin. The thick layer of oil will form a protective wall between your skin and the colors, ensuring that the skin will not go dry and making the removal of color an easy task.
  • Apply the nail paint. The Nail paint on your hands and feet will not only add on to your style, but also will not the color settle over your nails.
  • Use a lot of oil or petroleum jelly around your eyes, behind your ears, on your earlobes, on your lips, between your fingers and on the skin under and around the nail.
  • Always keep a dry cloth nearby. As someone throws/apply color, especially on your face, wipe it off immediately from all your sensitive parts such as eyes, lips and ear lobes. With this practice you can stop the color from entering your eyes or mouth.
  • Don’t wear heavy fabrics while playing Holi. Wearing fabric like cotton is a good idea as it dries faster than any other cloth. Also, go for those clothes that will cover maximum part of your body, leaving a limited part exposed to the colors.
  • Avoid wearing jewelry, contact lenses, etc. as they may lead to irritation when come in contact with chemicals. Also, remember that the contact lenses can absorb the color, so, anyways they can damage your eyes.
  • Do not forget to oil your hair and scalp nicely. Also, it’s a good idea to tie your hair or cover them with a scarf. This will safeguard the texture and the nourishment of your hair.

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While playing Holi

  • Keep drinking lots of water or juice when you are out in the sun to play Hoil. This will not let you feel dehydrated. Don’t forget to wipe your face, especially your lips before you eat or drink anything.
  • Do not sit or stand under the hot sun with/without colors on your body because removing the colors latter will be even more difficult as they will turn more hard. So, sitting in the shade is what you need to do.
  • Use more dry colors and avoid gaudy colors such as orange, green or purple as they contain more chemicals that can harm your skin.

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After playing Hoil

  • Before you go to take a bath, use a dry cloth to remove the color. The reason is if the color goes wet, then it can easily seep into your skin, becoming more rigid.
  • Let the water run through your body for 5-10 minutes before you apply shampoo or soap. Use a mild cleanser or liquid soap to remove colors. Also, avoid rubbing your skin vigorously. 
  • Apply milk or curd or any moisturizers to nourish the skin.
  • Do not forget to give your hair a dose of good conditioning after the wash.

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Post- Holi skin and hair care schedule for the coming weeks

  • Deeply cleanse and condition your hair by applying a hair mask. You can do this on every second or third day after washing your hair to treat the damage.
  • Apply either cucumber paste or curd on your skin because the two has a cooling agent along moisturizing property. 
  • Do not bleach, shave, wax for the following week. Also, avoid clean up and facial for a week to follow.
  • Do not use kerosene, petrol and spirits to remove the color stains as that can dry up your skin.
  • Using oils and herbal face pack can help nourish the skin.

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