It is all about Thoughts, Emotions and Health connection

It is all about Thoughts, Emotions and Health connection

Can thoughts affect Emotions and then impact Health?

Thoughts, Emotions, and Health are the three common terms that we keep listening and talking about. From the school days itself, our teachers started telling us the definition and the difference between the three. But till date, nobody notices that these three terms might have a different meaning, but deep down they are strongly connected. Connected to the extent that disturbance in one can destroy all.

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Yes, we all just keep worrying about the outcomes of destruction that gets reflected in our health. But, no human notices that each and every second of their life there is something really big happening inside them. We all keep taking medicines on time to fight the health issues. Yet most of us crib that the medicines are not affecting or taking too long to give good results.

No one ever realizes that the medicines are doing their job right. It is the thoughts and emotions created by the person that fail to support the medicines making their job tougher. The situation inside your body becomes somewhat similar to a forest full of dry plants that catch fire. No matter how much water you throw the fire keeps spreading. Same way, the negative thoughts, and emotions make our organs weak. As a result, the medicines fails completely and the illness keeps spreading.

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No matter how much medicine you may take, just because the surroundings is not favorable the result will be zero or negligible. No health issue can be solved 100% with only external treatment. It may shock many, but, we our-self is responsible for all the health problems. No health issues come from outside, it slowly starts inside you. Wondering how? Well, starting with the thought- the mental cognition- our idea, opinion, belief etc. is the seed. Yes, these thoughts give birth to the emotions or feelings that flow inside you. Depending on these emotions only your body reacts. However, it is difficult for some people to identify the situations that affect their emotional status. But those who can surely know when and how they disturb the balance of the body.

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However, anger slowly leads to major destruction such as weaken eyes, baldness, weak memory, heart issues, digestion issues, dull face, diabetes and a lot more. Wonder how? Well, the more you create the feeling of anger your body secretes a toxic material that directly affect the most sensitive part of the body like pancreas, heart and eyes. Hence, results into major health issues which people believe that the medicines are the only possible way to get rid of them.

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But, do you remember what your doctor says while giving you the medicine? Whether the doctor prescribes medicine for diabetes or for heart issues they always say ‘Stay happy or meditate’. This is not said to shift your focus from your health issue to something else, but, it is said because meditation helps in creating positive thoughts that will make you feel happy. In short, doctors give you a way out to maintain distance from anger, stress, sadness, etc. that can make you unhealthy not just physically also emotionally.

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Always remember, there is not a single second when we humans sit silently. This might make you wonder like how can’t we sit silently. Well, not talking to people around doesn’t mean sitting silently. Yes, you may sit quietly but never silent. So, make sure whatever thought is going in your conscious or subconscious, should be positive. The result of such an exercise may be slow, but, it has a major role in improving your physical and mental health. Plus, all those who are conscious about their looks need to know that no cream or any beauty product can make you look beautiful as much as good thoughts can. So never forget, as the thoughts so will be the emotions and so will be the health.

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Shubhi Saini

Shubhi Saini is a thinker and a writer. She lives with the belief that illness first come emotionally and then attack the body. So, to make people emotionally healthy and physically stronger, she is all set to share her thoughts with you all.

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  1. This is such an enriching article. Although we have heard about positive thoughts and health many times, never really gave it a try. However the way u have written and explained the whole process, it makes me wanna give positive thoughts a try.

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