How to Lose stomach fat and Weight without going to the gym

How to Lose stomach fat and Weight without going to the gym

I really want to lose some weight, but I go to school and I don’t have the time. What should I Do ?? – Alex on Yahoo.

Can you suggest me how to lose weight when you have a busy schedule and do not have time to exercise and my mom restricts me from dieting? What should I do??  – Imran on Quora.

My husband’s weight is 105kg and height is 5’11”. What would be a diet plan with workouts without going to a gym (like walking, running etc) and the necessary steps if he wants to lose 20kg in a period of 6 months? – Payal on Quora.

I am a 30-year-old unemployed single woman with severe acne and hirsutism and a BMI of 46. How can I lose weight without joining a gym or seeing a nutritionist as I cannot afford these?? – Stacy On Google Forum.”

You think you’re the only one who find it difficult to Lose Weight without heavy exercise or going to the Gym. You are not alone too, People find it difficult to make some time to hit Gym when they having a busy schedule. 

To lose weight we have to follow a strict diet with couple of recommended Exercises. The Combination of working out show much positive results in losing weight.

I know you are running out of time, Busy Office work….may be 8-10 hours of stressful work load. Eating Junk food at irregular time. But, there’s a feeling you always find in yourself, whenever you determine to Lose weight & start working out from Tomorrow…..about 68% people failed in it. 

Study Reveals that a Combination of healthy Diet have more of an effect on weight loss compared to the heavy physical workout. Most of the People find it difficult to lose Stomach weight. 

In this article I’m going to provide you different ways, how to lose stomach fat and weight. Let’s make a case study for you & how you are going to do it.

In this case study we are going with short durations, let’s say 1 week, Is it OK ??

Why short durations because our mind accepts a shorter durations faster than longer ones, In our mind the shorter duration always sets a goal & there’s a Sense of relief in there too. 

Think as, I’m your gym instructor & during the first week I make a Plan for You:

10 Pushups
10-15 min Jogging
& Only 5 min stomach Chruches. 

So, what’s your mind executes about this plan?? Exactly, it’s not that Difficult & Surely you can Do it without any hesitations of thoughts in your mind.

That’s why the shorter Plans always work!!

But here’s we are not talking about workout, it’s about how to Reduce stomach fat without going to the Gym!!

The First Basic Plan You are going to follow as that Below & it’s really an Interesting Ones. The Plan you have to follow every day to get a healthy lifestyle & It surely reduce your Weight without any heavy-duty workout.

0 - Hours of Television
1 - Hour of Exercise*
2 - Litres of Water
3 - Cups of Hot Green Tea
4 - Short mental Breaks 
5 - Small Meals
6 - AM wake up time
7- Minutes of Laughter
8 - Hours of Sleep (At least)
9 - PM end of the day and 
off to bed
10 - Prayers of Gratitude

Note: * Exercise means Yoga, Jogging, Stretching, Dancing & Playing your Favorite Sport. (No Video Games 😉 )

Too much weight, especially on stomach part, is a problem faced by most of Us. People eating Junk food & follow an unhealthy lifestyle leads to Putting on weight in their mid section.

Now I’m going to provide you some of the simplest tips, which, if you follow, will doubtless ensure better stomach fat & weight loss.

How to Lose stomach fat and Weight without going to the gym

1. Balanced Diet

You know it, right!! Biggest Problem with gaining weight is imbalanced and lazy lifestyle. You have to follow a balanced diet if you really want to get rid to this Stomach fat.

A High protein diet with contains high amount of nutrients & fibers. Stop having consumption of sugar in your drinks, or meals. Feeling hungry, Eat right amount of Fruits & Vegetables leads to proper diet. You can consume organic sugar with an appropriate way.

But If you’re overweight & having a stressful life, then there’s much more chance you are on an unhealthy diet. Common Symptoms are Like: Eating chocolates in stress, hate walking, snorting, not participating in any outdoor activities. 


Avoid mindless snacking throughout the day, Sitting like a couch potato. Watching TV without any care how much food I’ve an intake. Try to avoid eating from the box, bag or package. It’s tough to know how much you’ve consumed. Also try to minimize other distractions while you’re eating – like watching TV, doing work or checking mails. Focus on your snack or food.

On the category of Balanced diet, there are few tips & Tricks which helps you to control your too much eating habit. 

Method 1: Drink a Glass of Water Before Meal

Method 2: Herbal Tea After Meals

Method 3: Reduce your Speed, Eat Slowly

Method 4: Control, Eat only when you are hungry

Method 5: Don’t Skip your breakfast

Method 6: Instead of Three, eat five or Six meals

Method 7: Fruit Instead of Fruit Juice

Method 8: Avoid White Foods

2. Drink Plenty of Liquid

To lose stomach fat & Weight you have to ensure to keep yourself hydrated. Completely avoid Sodas & Alcohol or oxygenate Drinks as well. The Best example of losing weight comes with having regular Green Tea.

Green Tea helps to speed up burning fat from the liver cells. Taking herbal or Green tea after a meal helps in digestion, which may boost the body’s rate of burning Calories.


But Also make sure when you start your Plan, Keep a Distance from a Glass of Wine or Sweetened Coffee Drink or you can make a Diet chart on Control your intake Calories. Especially when you going to a party or any special Occasions.

In the morning time, A Warm glass of water with lemon also helps you to reduce your weight.

Drink a Glass of water before a meal because it serves as a purpose to fill up space in your stomach and feel full sooner and eat less.

3.  Losing Weight with De Stress.

I’ve Already mentioned 10 Ways to Reduce Stress, but as discussing about weight loss. Let’s clear that if you try and lower your stress levels, then the Possibility of Stomach Fat naturally reduced.

Start Your morning with a Positive thought, Keep yourself calm in Trouble situations. Stop eating Junk food whenever you feel Sad, Lonely or any unpleasant moment.

The Body does not need the food eaten for stress reasons. Whenever feel Stress talk with your close ones, share them & try to keep positive yourself with healthy Food. 


Remember, when you are dealing with your Stomach Fat you have to come out from your comfort zone & Start a Bit changes in your daily routine. A Simpe Bit of Yoga or Stretching Exercise can reduce your work Stress. 

4.  Sleep

Studies Shows the least amount of sleep affects your Body’s hunger hormones. – Increasing your hunger. 

Sleep for at least 7-9 hours each night. This is what amount of sleep a healthy lifestyle requires. Keeps yourself away from electronic devices & Try to sleep on Dim light or no light. 

Wear loose clothes while sleeping & Excessive sleep leads to laziness and boredom which may lead to emotional eating. Less sleep also leads to stress and creates a desire to eat when you are not hungry. 


According to Dr Hallschmid, Excessive sleep can raise levels of craving hormones like ghrelin, which accelerate appetite and can lead to hundreds of extra calories than when you have enough amount of sleep and well rested.

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