Flax Seeds: The magical medicinal food

Flax Seeds

Flax Seeds a day can keep all the diseases at bay

It’s a wish of all the people on the planet to eat everything they want to without falling sick and gaining weight. But, the kind of food often people craves for is the fast food which is hardly beneficial for our health. Even the slow food is not completely contributing to a good health. Therefore, we need the help of some eatables that gets blended nicely with all that we like to eat and contribute to a good health. Flax seeds are one among those healthy eatables that go well with your burger as well as with your chappati without spoiling their taste.

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Instead, flax seeds add a nutty flavor to your food and make them more ‘yum’. But, this is not the reason you should eat flax seeds for, instead, eat them because you want to stay healthy forever. Yes, Flax Seeds are the perfect solution to all the issues related digestion, skin, heart, hormones, body weight, cancer and a lot more. Flax Seeds also called Linseeds, are small brown/tan/golden colored seeds that are the richest source of Omega-3. Well, all are aware of the magic of Omega-3, but hardly anyone would know that even vegetarians can take the benefits of the same.

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Nutritional Facts about Flax Seeds

In general, flaxseeds contain 534 calories per 100g. They consist of many other essential nutrients such as

  • Carbs and Fiber: The seeds are made up of 25% of carbs and 95% of fiber. They are a natural laxative and promote regularity.
  • Protein: The seeds have 18% of protein which provides protection against fungal infections, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, inflammation and diabetes type 2. However, these seeds can not be considered as the sole source of protein.
  • Fat: Flax Seeds contain 42% of fat. They are one of the richest dietary sources of the Omega-3 fatty acid. In short, they can be the best friend of your heart.
  • Vitamins and Minerals: Vitamin B1, Copper, Molybdenum, Magnesium, and Phosphorus are all packed in these small brown seeds.
  • Plant Compounds: These tiny seeds pack a huge dose of p-Coumaric acid, Ferulic acid, Cyanogenic Glycosides, Phytosterols, and Lignans.

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Flax Seeds acts like a protective shield

The emerging researches done on these tiny seeds have given surprising results. They have shocked the world as some of the deadliest diseases can also be avoided/treated by eating these brown shiny seeds. The possible health benefits are:

  • Cancer: Various studies have shown that Flaxseeds suppresses the formation of cancer like colon, skin, lungs, prostate and breast. Researches point out that increased sex hormones leads to the formation of cancer in the human body. As Flax Seeds contain three ligans which gets converted into enterolactone and enterodiol by the intestinal bacterias helps in balancing the hormones naturally. 
  • Heart Attacks: Flaxseeds are what your heart needs to stay fit. These tiny seeds not only protect your heart from forming plaque within your arteries, but they also safeguard the heart against atherosclerosis. Further, the seeds help in reducing Blood Pressure, maintain heart rate and beat oxidative stress. Apart from the above-mentioned problems, the Flax Seeds lower the levels of bad cholesterol.
  • Menstruation: Flaxseeds are the natural alternative to hormone replacement as flaxseeds contains ligans that have the properties of estrogen. Research also states that these seeds are of a great in maintaining the regular menstrual cycle.
  • Weight Loss: The journal of nutrition highlighted that flaxseeds and walnuts together may improve obesity and support weight loss. As flax is the great source of fats and fibers, they help you feel full. With this feeling consumption of more calories reduces. ALA fats also help in reducing stomach inflammation.

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How to consume?

Well, after reading all the benefits of these tiny brown seeds you must be thinking of buying them immediately and start consuming. But, before you begin with eating, it is important to know that the seeds need to be chewed properly otherwise they will go undigested. Surprising fact, this may be, but even the acids in the stomach fails to break down an unchewed flaxseed. Therefore, chewing them properly is mandatory. So to make the grinding of the seeds an easy task, simply grind the seeds until they become a fine powder. Later you can mix this powder in the batter of chappati (Roti), cookies, cakes, breads and panckes. You can also add the powder to your salads, soups, shakes, smoothies, dips, oats, cereals, porridge, museli, yoghurt or stews.

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