7 Natural and Easy Ways to Quit Smoking

7 Natural and Easy Ways to Quit Smoking

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‘Smoking is injurious to health’, despite reading this in every corner of the world, the number of smokers is increasing and dying tremendously. The recent report by WHO states that around 6 million people each year die because of tobacco consumption. More than 5 million of those deaths are the result of direct tobacco use (or active smokers) while more than 6,00,000 (passive smokers) are the result of non-smokers being exposed to second-hand smoke. Surprising fact about these smokers is out of all the people who smoke, a very few realizes that they are addicted. In fact, when the smokers are questioned about the addiction, most of them says that they smoke for the taste or to release the stress not because they are addicted. 

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Well, all these are mere beliefs that are false. Therefore, correction of certain thoughts has to be done on priority. As smoking can’t be quitted without a prepared and an uninformed mindset. We all are aware of the fact that smoking damages each and every part of the body. And it is the ‘taste’ or ‘the stress relieving power’ (if it actually has any) that makes the person crave for it. This craving is called addiction. With every passing day, this addiction makes irreversible damages and reduces the human lifespan by 25 years. But before jumping on to the tips, let us know the damages better. As knowing the disadvantage of smoking is the key reason of the thought ‘Quit Smoking’ that after reading should become your goal. 

Smoking is dangerous


Smoking is an open invitation to heart diseases. As the smoke leads to fat deposition in the inner walls of arteries (atherosclerosis). This results in high blood pressure and increases heart rate. With this smoking also increases the tendency of blood clotting that lowers the capacity of a human to exercise. So, quit smoking for a healthy heart that can spread love, not sorrow.


Small hairs present in the lungs stops the entry of germs, dust, and other harmful particles in the body. The person who smokes ends up burning all these hairs which allow the entry of all the germs and the harmful particles in the body. Also, smoking damages the air sac that results in difficulties while breathing. As the natural cleansing system is completely destroyed the smoker faces problems such as infections, cough and lung cancer. Therefore, quit smoking as your lungs need fresh air to keep you healthy not the smoke.

Digestive system:

A healthy digestive system leads to beautiful and fresh life. Anything if goes wrong with it then the life turns into a hell. Even a little acidity is so annoying. So think of pain a smoker is giving to his mental as well as physical health. A digestive system of a smoker is the sufferer as smoking cause heartburn, the formation of gallstones, delays the healing of peptic ulcers and increase the risk of Crohn’s diseases. Hence, quit smoking for a healthy you. 

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We all know that it is our legs that bear the load of our body. It is the legs that allow us to run, walk and stand. Any internal damage to them can result in disability. All the smokers need to know that smoking can disable the legs. It affects the blood vessels of the legs causing chronic pain. This may further lead to gangrene of toes or feet. If you wish to stand independently throughout life then quit smoking.


Eyes are the windows to the soul. If you don’t wish your soul to rest in peace then quit smoking. Quit it because the sensitive blood vessels of the eye get easily damaged by smoking. As the smoke causes blood short appearance of eyes, itching and can lead to cataract. In heavy smokers, the smoke may lead to degeneration and loss of eyesight.

Skin :

Every human is born beautiful with a real soft and glowing skin. From the day human starts smoking, their skin starts losing its glow, texture, and softness. This is because smoking deprives the skin of oxygen. In fact, the smoker looks minimum 5 years older than his healthy (non-smoking) counterpart. Generally, the skin of a smoker turns yellowish-gray cast.  Smoking actually invites wrinkles and the other signs of ageing which makes the skin look dull and ugly. Therefore, quit smoking because smoke kills the beauty.

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A human body is a structure made up of bones. If they go weak the whole structure gets disturbed. A smoker, need to remember there is no strength without healthy bones. The smoke which they puff out is not just polluting the environment but it is polluting your body too. The smoke is accelerating the process of osteoporosis (a condition where a smoker can suffer bone breakage anytime).


No matter what but fighting situations is a way lot better and easier than fighting cancer. Smoking plants the seed of cancer in the lungs, colon, rectum, anus, liver, stomach, bladder, throat, lip, esophagus, breast, kidney, cervix, ureter, pancreas, leukemia and myeloma. Also, smoking increases the chances of bone fracture, emphysema, bronchitis, influenza, pneumonia, diabetes, high blood pressure, infertility, osteoporosis, stroke, heart diseases, dental cavities, tooth loss, gun disease, wrinkles, headache, premature menopause, and stomach ulcers. Surely, facing breakup or failure is lot more easier than facing these health issues. So, quit smoking as it is killing you even more.

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Reproductive system:

Smoking harms the reproductive system of both the male and the female:

In females:

Smoking affect the egg production and cause dryness of the vagina. It also reduces blood flow to genital organs. All this results into Fallopian tubes disease and increase the chances of abortions. Further, in case of a pregnant female, the growth and development of the baby suffers. Also the chances of miscarriages, premature birth and death increases.

In males:

Smoking lowers the sperm count in males. Also it impairs sperm motility. In some cases, smoking leads to impotency.

So, quit smoking as you are making your self and your loved ones suffer everyday for this poison. 

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Natural Remedies to Quit Smoking


As nicotine has an additive nature, it permeates in the body like toxic. To flush this toxin out of the body one needs to consume the detoxifier. And there is nothing better ans safe as water. Since water is the best detoxifier, it will purge your system better. Also the water will help the body fight all the damages done by the tobacco and nicotine till date. Drinking water will help in minimizing the craving for a puff. So drink as much water as you can in a day. 


When you quit smoking, your likely to feel nauseous. This is a very common symptom experienced when people try to quit smoking. So, to relax your stomach and feel good, take ginger. Eating ginger directly may not be liked by many because of its taste. So, the ginger can be consumed in tablets, capsules or tea. Besides, ginger help in controlling the urge to smoke again. 


Oat is another detoxifier which will help ease your body and reduce the urge to smoke. It also keep the withdrawal symptoms at ease. So, you can boil one teaspoon of oat in two cups of water and leave it overnight. Consume this before every meal you eat. 


As honey is loaded with enzymes, vitamins and proteins, it helps reducing the craving to smoke. Also, it brings back the strength body has lost due to smoking. 

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Smoking increase the toxins in the body. The presence of these toxins makes the person crave for the puff. Also, these toxins increase the acid in the body which can be well managed by grated radish. So, add radish in your diet to quit smoking. 

Grape Juice

After water, Grape juice is the next best natural detoxifier. It will help killing the craving for cigarettes. Also, it will boost your energy level and make you feel enthusiastic. The juice will rejuvenate your system and cleanse all the toxins faster.


Ginseng infused in green tea with Aloe Vera can do wonders to your life. This drink will kick out all the toxins faster from your body. Also, Ginseng is found to be very effective in killing the craving for smoking. Therefore, say yes to ginseng if you want to quit smoking soonest possible. 

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Point to be Noted

The aforementioned natural remedies are quick, hassle free, easy to consume and effective. Adopting these will surely help in cutting down the urge to smoke. Besides, one needs a strong determination to quit smoking. So never loose hope and never stop trying till you succeeded. 

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